About Us

Any kind of activity that takes place under water while holding our breath is considered freediving. It is a tool that can be used however any person chooses. Some will use it to enjoy the reef, others to get close to marine life being one with water and many will do it just for the sensations. With us at the Bali Freedive Academy you have an opportunity to learn these amazing set of skills and the Ocean will never be the same again for you. Our professional instructors will lead you every step of the way and then it is up to you to discover your way of freediving.

Challenge Yourself

Reach new depths with only one breath and reach deeper into yourself

Become One with The Ocean

Let yourself go and become one with the ocean. Your body is designed to dive, trust your instincts

What We Provide

Freediving Experiences

From beginner to advance we provide you with freediving experiences from trained experts


Pick up and drop off from any location available upon request


Comfortable, affordable accommodation available upon request


All course fees include certification (PURE APNEA)