Freedive Level Three

Price: USD 490

Price Includes: Course, Lunch and Drinks, Certification, Study Material, Equipment Rental, Transport, USAT Liberty WW2 Shipwreck Session*

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Become a MASTER! This course will challenge your body and mind! All of freediving’s most interesting secrets are finally revealed! MOUTHFILL, FRC, packing and reverse-packing, hypoxic training and mental coaching… Dive deep, become a competitor or prepare for your freediving instructor career. Be water my friend!

Discover amazing blue waters of Jemeluk Bay in Amed, east coast of Bali.

  1. Introduction and practice of mouthfill equalization technique
  2. Mental training for pool and depth disciplines
  3. Deep freedives to maximum 40m
  4. Hypoxic training concepts
  5. Deep rescue practice
  6. Packing and reverse-packing practice
  7. Liberty Wreck guided freediving trip

We hold our Level 3 Courses at our Freediving Centre in Amed, the diving paradise on the north-east coast of Bali, the crystal clear deep waters and rich marine life close to shore are perfect for learning freediving. This idyllic costal town is the perfect getaway to see another part of the Balinese experience. We provide free air-conditioned transport between Sanur/Kuta and Amed before and after the course. One night stay in Amed required, we can also organise accommodation for you in Amed if required.

Course outline:
The Level 3 Course is a 4 days course and essential for those who want to freedive deep, who want to freedive competitively or who would like to continue progressing towards Instructor Level. In this course the emphasis is placed on freediving beyond failure depth, equalizing using the Mouthfill technique, stretching and training techniques that will prepare your body for depth and pressure, learning the physics of deep freediving and deep freediving safety.

Day 1:

  1. Transport from Kuta/Sanur to Amed at around 6-6:30 am (depending on number of students)
  2. Theory session 1: Theory session 1: fitness for freediving: aerobic and anaerobic training, apnea training, visualization and mental strategies for long static and dynamic apnea
  3. Lungs stretching, packing and reverse-packing
  4. Confined water session 1 – Static and Dynamic apnea, coaching, maximum performance, safety and rescue practice
  5. Lunch, inclusive of course fees
  6. Theory session 2: failure depth, exhale diving, mouthfill, packing and reverse-packing
  7. Dry practice of Mouthfill equalisation technique, utilization of chicks and tongue for equalization, glottis control
  8. Confined water session 2 – Adjusting buoyancy for dynamic with fins and without, Dynamic no-fins technique practice; Dynamic training session combining swimming, lactic acid training, technique practice, CO2 or hypoxic tables;

Day 2:

  1. Freediving specific lung and thoracic stretching session including packing and reverse-packing, meditation
  2. Open water session 1 – Mouthfill technique, exhale dives practice, body position, streamlining, relaxation
  3. Lunch, inclusive of course fees
  4. Theory session 3: physics, decompression sickness, nitrogen narcosis
  5. Open water session 2 – warm-ups, VW dive to maximum 40m, Mouthfill and FRC dives, rescue and safety skills: self-rescue (one-fin, no mask), deep BO rescue (20m)

Day 3:

  1. Freediving specific lung and thoracic stretching session including packing and reverse-packing, meditation
  2. Open water session 3 – prepare the set-up for an OW dive session, FRC warm-up dives, VW to max 40m, packing and mouthfill practice for deep equalization, mastering finning efficiency, freefall position and relaxation, rope rescue
  3. Lunch, inclusive of course fees
  4. Theory session 4: freediving competitions, mental strategies, no warm-up approach, questions from students
  5. Open water session 4 – freediving trip to Liberty Wreck

Day 4:

  1. Freediving specific lung and thoracic stretching session including packing and reverse-packing, meditation
  2. Open water session 4 – prepare the set-up for an OW dive session, FRC warm-up dives, maximum performance CWT with mouthfill at around 15-20m, constant weight without fins, safety skills: buddying, deep BO rescue with one fin, towing
  3. Lunch, inclusive of course fees
  4. Theory exam
  5. Post-course briefing and summary
  6. Transport from Amed to Kuta/Sanur after the course (around 5-6 pm)

Our courses are delivered by our team of experienced multinational instructors who are all professionally certified. The team at academy will strive to tailor make or modify courses appropriately in order to meet the students’ desires. With an excellent instructor to student ratio plus assistants, we are able to deliver a high quality, personalized course.


  1. Level 2 certification
  2. Minimum age 16 (with parental consent)
  3. Good health and completion of the "medical statement"
  4. Ability to swim
  5. Completed a course in First Aid with CPR within the last two years (you can do it also in Amed)

The course fee is USD 490, which includes:

  1. Level 3 Freediving Course
  2. Fun Freedive session at USAT Liberty WW2 Ship Wreck at Tulamben, guided by our Instructors
  3. Pool entrance
  4. Insurance
  5. Lunch and Drinks
  6. All professional freediving specific equipment*
  7. Course study materials
  8. Internationally recognised certification (PADI / Pure Apnea / AIDA)
  9. Transport from Kuta/Sanur to Amed and back.

We offer discounts on the above price. These apply to group bookings, multiple course bookings and repeat customers. Bring a friend and save some money!
All you need is your Swimwear, Sandals, Sunscreen and a Towel

*If you have any of your own freediving equipment, we welcome you to bring it along for use.
** Transport time to and from course location will be arranged on request. Pick up at any location. Please note that transport fee is not included on Courses budgets
***Accommodation in Amed not included - assistance booking accommodation available (budgets from $15 - $65+/per night)

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