Freediving Level Master Course

Price: USD 850

Price Includes: AIDA 4 star course with certification, Pure Apnea Judge Course with certification and judge kit, 5 to 6 training sessions per week, tailor made 4 week training program, all course materials, equipment, and a special discounts on yoga classes

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Become a Master Freediver!
Whatever your goal is - to achieve PBs, to prepare yourself to become a freediving instructor, or/and to become a competitor our Freediving Master Course is a must!

  1. 4 weeks to become a PRO Freediver ready for competition, instructor course or just to dive longer, further and deeper.
  2. 4 weeks to become a part of Academy Underwater Tribe.
  3. 4 weeks to enjoy yourself in the blue water of Bali, at depth, on one breath.

The whole program will be supervised by one of Academy instructors, but you will train with all members of our Team and other masters to get wider knowledge, experience, and different perspective to all aspects of freediving.

Main objectives for Freediving Master Course:

  1. complete level 3 freediving course
  2. master mouthfill equalization technique with the goal to reach at least 45-50m depth
  3. get familiar with advanced freediving training concepts and be able to create a training program for yourself
  4. follow 4 weeks training routine, strengthen dive reflex and adapt the body for advanced freedives,
  5. develop skills and achieve short term and long term goals (combining pool and open water training, dry apnea, stretching routine)
  6. in a safe and self-controlled way achieve personal bests in all freediving disciplines: STA, DYN, DNF, CWT, CNF, FIM
  7. increase awareness and control of the mind through the process of self-observation, self-coaching and coaching by instructor
  8. explore techniques of relaxation and breathing to find the best pattern for yourself
  9. become familiar with AIDA and Pure Apnea rules to be able to compete and become a judge
  10. assist instructors during courses to improve buddy and safety skills and get ready for instructor course
  11. have fun freediving and exploring all aspects of this amazing sport!


Students who enroll for the Master Course must:

  1. be +18 years of age
  2. have completed Advanced Freediving course (AIDA3star, Level 2 in Pure Apnea, PADI Advanced Freediver) or passing crossover-assessment (1 day, not included)
  3. have completed a course in First Aid with CPR within the last two years

Master Freediver Course includes:

  1. level 3 course + certificate
  2. training program for 4 weeks tailored each student’s personal goals
  3. 5 to 6 training days per week including:
    • weekly training program planned in advance with supervising instructor
    • at least 3 coached sessions per week with supervising instructor (1 pool, 2 open water)
    • other sessions (pool and open water) performed in a buddy system with instructors or other masters / assistants
  4. Pure Apnea judge course with certificate and judge cards
  5. access to all equipment and buy and lines, students are free to go training independently in Jemeluk Bay with other masters as often as they wish

*If you have any of your own freediving equipment, we welcome you to bring it along for use.
** Transport time to and from course location will be arranged on request. Pick up at any location. Please note that transport fee is not included on Courses budgets
***Accommodation in Amed not included - assistance booking accommodation available (budgets from $15 - $65+/per night)

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